Avoid Card Counting in Online Blackjack

Card counting is one of the most popular practices in blackjack strategies. Movies like 21 and other TV serials have popularized the idea that blackjack players can get an advantage over the house if they can track the pattern of the card.

Most blackjack casinos take prevention against the card counting technique. They closely monitor the blackjack players. Unfortunately, card counting technique does not work in online casinos. The reasons include-

• One of the main reasons is that online casinos do not use real card like regular casinos. Card counting is relatively easy in single deck game. But online casino games are multi deck. Moreover they use auto shufflers which make it very difficult to predict or understand the card pattern.
• Various software are available today in the internet which claim that they can track the card pattern on behalf of the player. But the fact is, none of these software does not really work.
• Players can use card counting technique or get help from software to track the card pattern but the bottom-line is that card counting is a method which is effective only in the brick and mortar type casinos. For online use, blackjack strategy chart is the best option to predict the card. The blackjack strategy chart helps a player to determine the best move that will increase the chance of his winning to the maximum.

In blackjack games, players do not have control over the card they receive. But they make the final decision about whether or not to hit upon the card they receive. They also make decisions about facing up their hands with the dealer's card to evaluate the dealer's hand.

In games like blackjack, more strategies are available to apply in the real environment games rather than online games. But the online games provide a great opportunity to understand the basics of the game.